Our philosophy of restoration, is to firstly maintain the original artists intention. With this aim in mind, all phases of the restoration are carefully considered from safe removal and transport, careful cleaning, repair and or replacement, matching of glass, reassembly and re-installation.

Please visit the Restoration and Repairs & Alteration sections of our Gallery to see some of the work that we have done to repair and preserve our stained glass heritage.

Traditional Glass Painting and Staining

Work is carried out by skilled craftsmen using top quality materials, carefully chosen to meet our high standards. We are one of the few studios offering traditional glass painting and staining should there be a need to reproduce damaged or missing pieces.

Below on the left is the face of a stained glass window that was poorly repaired in a previous restoration. On the right is a close up of the window after our restoration which included painting a new face to replace the badly damaged face.

Here is another example of a window which had work done by by an unknown company in the past. The amateurish repairs as noted by the green and red arrows in the left hand image were corrected before the window was releaded. The end result is pictured beside it.

Below is a before and after shot of a vandalized window at St. Mary’s Church London. In order to restore this window we had to paint and kiln fire many pieces of glass that were damaged.

Regardless of the scale of your project, be assured of the same careful attention to detail, and the preservation of your stained glass windows.

Below are pictures of some of the windows that we have restored at St. Peter’s Basilica in London. We have been working there since 1989 and have restored most of the windows of the church.

Below is the stairway window that we restored at the Historic Perth County Courthouse in Stratford.

We know how important your stained glass windows are to you. We will be pleased to prepare a condition report with specifications for necessary restoration and a cost estimate to assist you in developing a long term plan.