A Unique and Beautiful Environment

The quality of light passing through stained glass can aid in creating a unique and beautiful environment in the home. Over the years, we have had extensive experience in residential commissions in a wide variety of styles.

The Needs of the Client

As the needs of each client are unique, we study their preferences and viewpoints, the architectural environment, the lighting conditions, the style and period feeling to be reflected and any other considerations which might affect the final product. Through the use of various textures and colours of glass, we are able to provide each customer with the level of privacy they desire. As the cost of a stained glass window is directly related to the intricasy of the design, we are able to design a window to meet your needs while still working within a budget. Many of our customers are surpirsed to find that stained glass is not as expensive as they had thought.

A Pleasurable Experience

Our ability to listen to your needs and ideas, and then develop a design to please you will make the process of acquiring a stained glass window for your home a pleasurable experience. We will also make the installation a trouble free and simple process.

We received the following email recently as a result of a residential project we did:

“WOW!! Our windows are terrific–they look great–they are even better than we expected. Thank you so much–you did a great job. Scot [our installer, ed.] was a great guy also. Very neat and friendly, it is so nice to deal with a great organization…We definitely will recommend your services to anyone that might be looking for stained glass works.” Shirley Fisher

One client’s entryway was inspired by this painting by A. J. Casson:

And this was the interpretation we felt captured the feeling of the painting but also worked in the windows available: