H.L. Worden Company Closing

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H.L. Worden Company Closing

The H.L. Worden Company, maker of stained glass lamp forms and patterns has announced their closing. The reason for closing was contained in the following statement from the company.

“Why Close – Howard Worden passed away in the Spring of 2015.  The patented WordenSystem™ of stained glass lamp construction was his inspiration.  He designed the new patterns and products.  With his passing, the desire to continue with the H L Worden Co. was no longer there.

After we close the business, we cannot guarantee there will be another supplier of our products in the future.

Selling WordenSystem™ – We are currently looking for a buyer for our product line which includes instructions, patterns, molds, dies, copyrights, trademarks, accessories, etc. and remaining inventory.  If you are seriously interested, please contact us for further information.

Thank you  – Kathryn Worden and the staff at H L Worden Company say “thank you” for more than 42 years of patronage from our loyal customers.   We appreciate the many pictures and comments received from satisfied customers using the WordenSystem”

It’s sad to see another supplier to the stained glass industry disappear.