Light Boxes

Light Boxes

Along with our capacity to produce custom millwork to replace rotted and damaged frames, we can also provide custom lightboxes to illuminate stained glass panels. A light box can be useful when a stained glass panel is being moved to a new location that has no suitable window in which to place it. As well, a light box can provide a venue for a new memorial panel when there is not a suitable window available. Below are a few examples of lightbox installations that we have done.

Above is the Anderson Memorial window moved from the former Knox Presbyterian Church to Wesley Knox United Church, London. As the lightbox sits in the cloakroom area of the Narthex, it was necessary to protect the lower portion of the stained glass with a wrought iron grill.

Below is one of the series of Christopher Wallis windows from the former Robinson Memorial United Church, that were moved to the Colborne Street United Church .

Below is a unique cross shaped lightbox that contains stained glass panels illustrating the symbols that make up the United Church logo. The oak frames of the four doors form a cross in the middle of the lightbox. This lightbox was originally installed in the Point Edward United Church. When the church in Point Edward was closed, the lightbox was moved to the Chapel at Central United Church in Sarnia.

Below is a light box that we installed at the Villages United Church in Granton, Ontario. The window came from the Lucan United Church when the two churches amalgamated. This window is lit with LED lighting for long life and low maintenance. The oak was stained to match the existing wood work in the church.