A Team of Dedicated Professionals

Sunrise Stained Glass has a team of dedicated professionals and artists whose interests and talents combine to provide the necessary skills for the design ,fabrication and expert installation of new memorials, as well as the restoration of old.

Since 1979, we have been offering reliable, high quality stained glass services to the churches of southern Ontario. We believe that it is important to maintain a high standard of quality and timeliness in our stained glass restoration. In order to maintain this goal we employ a trained staff of experienced stained glass restorers. We do not subcontract any of our restoration work. All work is carried out under the direct supervision of one of our partners here at the studio, each of whom has worked for over thirty years in the field of stained glass restoration. Our studio premises are secure and fully alarmed. We feel that as the stewards of your church’s stained glass heritage, you deserve the guarantee that your valuable stained glass windows are secure and in the hands of experienced professionals.

Heritage Quality Restoration

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of restoration while maintaining as much of the original fabric of the window as possible. As part of our window assessment, we examine each panel carefully to insure that the price quoted in our estimate is the total cost for which the church will be billed. We do not estimate low initially to get the contract, and then “discover” additional costs that are added to the final price. The price we quote will be the price that you are charged for the restoration.

Please visit the New Church Window and Restoration sections of our Gallery to see the scope of work that we are capable of handling.

New windows are created in collaboration with the church and/or donor to create a lasting memorial to a loved one or to celebrate a historic event in the life of the church. Great care is taken to insure that the new window is harmonious with the architecture of the church and appropriately illustrates the theme of the window. All of our memorial windows are designed and created at our Wharncliffe Road studio by our talented artisans.

Preservation of your existing stained glass windows is an important segment of our business. Through skilled and knowledgeable techniques, we guarantee that your church’s stained glass heritage will be maintained for future generations.

Protective Glazing
Our vented stormglazing system was designed to safely protect your stained glass without the harmful effects of overheating. Research over the past thirty years has shown that much of the deterioration seen in stained glass windows is directly releated to expansion due to overheating caused by sealed protective glazing.

Custom Millwork
During the restoration of the stained glass, we often discover that it is necessary to repair or replace rotten wood framing. Great care is taken to accurately replicate the original millwork. As part of our custom millwork service, we also design and fabricate light boxes for the display of stained glass windows in non traditional settings..