Custom Millwork

Custom Millwork

During the restoration of leaded windows, it is not uncommon to discover that the frame of the window has suffered the ravages of time and elements as well. Frequently, the convoluted shapes of the tracery of multiple lancet windows or rose window groupings provide places for water to pool and thus cause rot. The frame below was so far gone it required complete replacement. Other pictures of our custom millwork can be seen in the WoodWork section of our Gallery.

The quatrefoil frame below was created to replace the rotten frame shown above. The new frame and restored stained glass window were reinstalled at the Trinity Anglican Church in Cambridge, Ontario.

Our carpenter is skilled at reproducing millwork to replace rotted sections. The rot is removed and the new pieces are epoxied and mechanically fastened in place, then filled, primed and painted to match the rest of the woodwork. This process in conjunction with our brick-to-brick protective glazing provides a much lighter maintenance schedule for the windows.

Cinqfoil Frame Restoration at the Historic Our Lady of LaSalette Church
The cinqfoil frame shown below was created to replace the rotten belltower window frame at the Historic Our Lady of LaSalette Church in the community of LaSalette near Delhi, Ontario.

Above is the completed new frame with the stained glass installed being raised three storys to be installed in the belltower at Our Lady of LaSalette Church. The only access to the upper floor of the belltower was through the trap doors that had been originally installed to raise the bell to the top of the steeple.

Restoration of Rose Window at St. Joseph’s Church, Kingsbridge
One of our most extensive millwork restorations was at St. Joseph’s Church, Kingsbridge. The stained glass windows of this landmark building north of Goderich on Highway #21 were experiencing significant decay when we were chosen to restore the Gothic shaped rose window and lancets on the upper east side over the front doors. Once the stained glass was removed the window frame was so rotten that it disintegrated into small pieces. It was necessary to recreate not only the frame for the Gothic shaped rose window but also the frames for the five lancets below it. The picture below shows the installation of the rose window frame prior to the reinstallation of the restored stained glass.

Restoration of Frames at Knox Presbyterian Church, Listowel
In 2016 we started a major restoration project on the exterior of the stained glass windows at Knox Presbyterian Church in Listowel, Ontario. This included restoring the wood frames of the windows and installing new exterior protective glazing. Below are two pictures showing the before and after of one of the windows. The rot was so extensive that it required the recreation of new pieces of millwork for the intricate wood frames.

Exterior Wood Frame Before Restoration

Exterior Wood Frame After Restoration