After a visit to the site, and a discussion of the client’s needs, our design team will provide unique, scale renderings of the design. Painting and firing of vitreous paints is done at our Wharncliffe Rd. studio, as is all assembly and necessary millwork for installation. Care and attention to detail is observed throughout the assembly and installation of each project.

A Lasting Memorial

Utilizing a thoughtful design process, fine, blown “antique” and rolled glasses for brilliant colour, and premium lead came for structural integrity, insures that each window will be a lasting memorial.

Please visit the New Church Window section of our Gallery to see a sampling of the many styles and themes of memorial windows we have created.

To the right is our scale drawing for the window that we created for St. Matthew’s School, Sarnia.

Below is The Four Evangelists Rose Window that we made for St. Christopher’s Church, Forest. This window illustrates the symbols for St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke & St. John.