Classes at Sunrise–

We are the leading dealer of stained glass hobby supplies in Southwestern Ontario.

Our customers enjoy courteous service and advice from our knowledgable staff. During the Fall and Winter months, evening classes in stained glass are extremely popular.

We believe the keys to a successful stained glass class are:

Hands on Experience

Expert Instruction

Personal Attention to Your Project

Our intro course in the copper foil technique is a 6 week session, one night per week, for 2 1/2 hours on Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Topics covered are design & patterns, glass selection, glass cutting, assembly and finishing. We like students to have their own glass cutter and glass pliers, and we supply grinders, soldering irons and miscellaneous tools during the classes. Cost of cutter and pliers ranges from $30-50.00 and typically material costs for the project is around $100.00, depending on the project and glass chosen.

A selection of patterns are supplied or students may use their own.

The course fee of $200.00 plus HST is due upon registration. Please call 519-432-9624 or drop in to the studio to register and for confirmation of the next course start date.